2019 Class Sign Up Coming Soon!

Some things you can look forward to in 2019:

We are working hard to help each of you reach your fitness and training goals, regardless of the types of racing you're interested in.

  • We will continue to support those who may be new to the sport, allowing beginners to train in a supportive and informational atmosphere.
  • We also have a Long Course option for those of you training for 70.3 or 140.6 distance races, with an hour-long swim session, and up to 2-3 hour bike with some running as well.  This gives long-course athletes the option to do their long run on Sundays, but still train with a group during a long bike and swim workout!
  • The advance Sprint/Olympic class will have full 1-hour swim, bike and run sessions to ensure that you're ready for longer races like the Olympic.
  • If you're injured -- or perhaps you just don't like to run, or maybe swimming gives you the creeps -- we have an option for you, too.  Our classes this year are offered à la carte, so you can choose just two of the three disciplines.  For example, if you're interested in completing a Duathlon this year, you might choose Bike and Run sections only.  If you're interested in an Aquathon, you could choose Swim and Bike sections.
  • You will also have the ability to bundle your training sessions together - so you pay just once for the season, and get your OPTT T-shirt for free, plus free access to two seminars covering topics such as Race Day Psychology, Training and Race Nutrition, Bike Safety and Repair, Swim Skills and Stroke Tuning, etc.
  • Finally, we're happy to continue our Kids' Triathlon Training program, with fresh new ideas and a great coaching staff!

To see our class descriptions and prices, check out our one page brochure.

To start your class selection process, please email us at coaches@oakparktriteam.org

Check out YouTube to check out some of the fun we had last year!