2018 Class Sign Up is Now Active!

Exciting Additions and Changes!

This year, we've made some changes to help you reach your fitness and training goals, regardless of the types of racing you're interested in.

  • First, our training season will be longer this year!  Our classes will continue right up until June 16th!  Each session is also longer this year to account for the longer season.
  • Of course, we are keeping our focus on those who may be new to the sport, allowing beginners to train in a supportive and informational atmosphere.
  • We've added a Long Course option for those of you training for 70.3 or 140.6 distance races, with an hour-long swim session, and up to 2-hour bike.  This gives long-course athletes the option to do their long run on Sundays, but still train with a group during a long bike and swim workout!
  • The Olympic class is also new, with full 1-hour swim, bike and run sessions to ensure that you're ready for longer races like the Olympic.
  • If you're injured -- or perhaps you just don't like to run, or maybe swimming gives you the creeps -- we have an option for you, too.  Our classes this year are offered à la carte, so you can choose just two of the three disciplines.  For example, if you're interested in completing a Duathlon this year, you might choose Bike and Run sections only.  If you're interested in an Aquathon, you could choose Swim and Bike sections.
  • We've also added the ability for you to bundle your training sessions together - so you pay just once for the season, and get your OPTT T-shirt for free, plus free access to two seminars covering topics such as Race Day Psychology, Training and Race Nutrition, Bike Safety and Repair, Swim Skills and Stroke Tuning, etc.
  • Finally, we're happy to continue our Kids' Triathlon Training program, with fresh new ideas and a great coaching staff!

To see our class descriptions and prices, check out our one page brochure.

To start your class selection process, please email us at coaches@oakparktriteam.org

Check out YouTube to check out some of the fun we had last year!